2019 Attendees

Abhishek Sharma

Senior Copywriter
, India


1.    Prior to being chosen to participate in this program, what did you know or hear about the LIA Creative LIAisons program?
I knew about the LIA awards. In the previous few years, I would wait for LIA’s shortlists and winner’s announcement to update myself with the best of works happening worldwide.
But as far as the Creative LIAisons program is concerned, I knew very little about it. I knew LIA arranged creative workshops for industry professionals by industry masters, but that’s about all I knew.
2.    How did you feel when you were chosen to participate in Creative LIAisons, an exclusive program of 100 attendees aged 21 – 30 from around the world?
If I had known about such a great opportunity for myself prior to being chosen, it would certainly have been a dream. So, when I got the news and was told about the program and had researched about it, I was very sure that I could have expected nothing better for myself at this point in my career. It is without a doubt the best news and surprise I have ever received in my career.
3.    When sitting in on statue discussion judging what do you hope to learn?
I have always been curious about what goes on in someone’s mind when that person chooses to award a creative piece. As LIA is a platform where we see the best of work worldwide, I am very excited to see what merit the judges see in a piece of work and what kind of different opinions, different judges have on a single creative piece of work.
Another thing I will be very attentive about is what jurors believe is missing in a creative piece that doesn’t merit an award. Plus, the last thing I am greedy about is insights. I have never been in such cosmopolitan company before. I will learn not only how different people think, but also how people of different cultures and different places think.