2019 Attendees

Jack Gipp

, United Kingdom


1.    Prior to being chosen to participate in this program, what did you know or hear about the LIA Creative LIAisons program?
I found out about Creative LIAisons from Isobar’s Chief Creative Officer who spoke very highly of the program; with the opportunity to spend time with some of the world’s top creative leaders and the priceless experience of sitting in on the judging.
2.    What do you expect to get out of Creative LIAisons? What do you want to get out of Creative LIAisons?
I am expecting to come away from Creative LIAisons feeling inspired and energized. I want to soak up as much advice and creativity as possible. I think it’s also a great opportunity to network with an incredible group of creatives.
3.    Who from the LIA Juries would you most like to meet/speak with? (https://www.liaawards.com/juries/jury/)
Tiffany Rolfe, Tosh Hall and Leslie Sims.
4.    If you could choose any juror to interview for two minutes, who would it be and why?
I think I would choose Tiffany Rolfe, President of the Digital Jury, as that is my focus creatively. I also admire a lot of the work that her company creates, and I would love to know how great it felt to have her work featured on the cover of the New York Times!